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Seller Cancellation Guarantee

Can a Home Seller Terminate Their Real Estate Contract?

Are you allowed to terminate your seller's contract if you are no longer interested in selling your home?

The response is contingent on the capabilities and experience of your real estate agent.

When a home seller opts for the cancellation guarantee promise, they can be sure that if their real estate agent's commitment and performance do not meet their expectations, or for any other reason whatsoever, they are able to exit out of the contract without having to suffer from any repercussions.

Unlike taking your house off the market, withdrawing from a traditional listing agreement often involves hefty cancellation fees and can result in long-term commitments and broker protection periods. This is why you should always take caution when entering into such an arrangement - or else it could cost you substantially.

Don't worry if you feel trapped; with the help of a diligent agent, you can make sure all your conditions are stated clearly in writing from the start and avoid any undesirable surprises.

Can Home Sellers Legally Terminate Their Real Estate Contract?

Usually, the answer to this question is no or not without severe repercussions and possible legal prosecution. In other words, your agent can escape from it but you don't have that privilege.

However, if you find a real estate agent in Colorado who provides a Seller's Cancellation Guarantee, then yes -- it is permissible for you to withdraw from your contract BEFORE an offer has been made on the property.

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